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In 2012, Pizza Mike looked into the fast-growing food truck scene. Excited and intrigued, by the possibility of less hours and the flexibility for more family time, Pizza Mike was drawn to the Food Network’s show, “The Great Food Truck Race”. He was invited to come to LA and audition for the show. Out of several hundred hopefuls, Mike was cast as one of eight people for season three. After a great run on the show traveling the country, Mike came home and built his dream pizza truck. You can now bring the Pizza Mike Truck and all of his great recipes to your next party and make it a truly special event!

The Great
​Food Truck Race


You have entered a realm of Italian Cooking that only a few have been able to experience in a lifetime. An Italian Kitchen right here in Columbus, Ohio, called Pizza Mike's. 

Michael Evans's love for Italian cooking came very early as he watched his Grandfather, Guiseppe "Joe" Collura, prepare Sunday dinners for their large Sicilian family.